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Will Jesus Christ return before or after the Great Tribulation?


 Where is my soul when I die?  When do we go to be with our Lord?


Is your position Biblical, a tradition or myth?  

Scripture is very clear about the coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ!


New UPDATES!  A new Study #1 and 3 have just been placed online and are ready to download.


Is my understanding scriptural?

Most Christian's have no grasp on the events in the end times.  Many cannot point to a SINGLE scripture supporting their view.  What controls your opinion?  Arm yourselves with a FREE downloadable Bible study for use on this website or within a small group.


Jesus said to her, "Your brother will rise again."
Martha said to him, "I know that he will rise again in the resurrection at the last day." John 11:23-24

The last day is Judgement.  Are deceased Christian's raised on the 'last day', or are we raised up before this during a "rapture"?  What does Martha know?


Your views based on scripture!

In less than one hour, build an End Time timeline from scripture using our free template.   Learning and sharing with others is easy with tools you create.


Where is our soul after death?

Download "Study #3" to discover the unanimous agreement within our scriptures.  Are we with Christ when we die?  Is the "Bride of Christ" living with the Groom prior to the wedding feast? 


as iron sharpens iron...

Contribute your own testimony or article for publication on our space.  Allow us to host your studies and discuss God's direction in your own life.  Encourage others to grow!

Welcome to our site!

This message is for Christians. 

Non-Christians should not concern themselves with this study.  If you do not know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, you will be separated from God by your sin.   A Christian is not perfect, but they have accepted that they can not enter Heaven without accepting Christ's payment for their sins.   No one knows when their last breath will be, why risk an enternity in Hell by delaying?  Nothing is more important now than accepting Christ's costly payment, allowing us to be with God for eternity.

Please follow the link HERE, and once you have started your journey of following Christ THEN these pages will become relevant. 

Users are encouraged to download the material and print it out.  Although avaliable online, we have found that serious students marking answers down after prayerful deliberation, will gain much more insight. 

Online students can use the menu to navigate to the "Online Study" link to begin.  Each answer will be hidden until the user choses to reveal it using the "[+/-] Show answer".  A timeline will be constructed as the user progresses through the study by pressing "[+/-] Chart".  Further discussion and information on each question can be found in our forums. 

This is not light reading.  All Christians may believe differently on some non-salvation issues.  For the purposes of this study, the author assumes that a Christian using this study understands the following:

  • Altough written by multiple men over hundreds of years, the Bible is the inspired word of a single author, God.
  • The Bible is inerrant, it does not contradict itself.
  • A Christian's understanding for all beliefs is the Bible, and not men's opinion. 
  • Christ will come back for His Saints.
  • We are in the last days. 
  • Satan is real, and through the Anti-Christ, will make war on followers of Christ.
  • There will be a period of Great Tribulation on the Earth.
  • There will be a resurrection preceeding a literal 1,000 year reign by Christ over the nations.
  • There will be a Great Judgement, where all men will be judged by God.
  • God's children after judgement will live for eternity in heaven, and non-belivers will be separated from God

The Bible is a complete work.  God's message for us is clear and consistent from the Old Testament to the New with no need for other "revelations" or additional books or prophets.  God's Scripture provides perfect context for the intended message.  Doctorine derived from one isolated scripture interpreted out of context and not in agreement with existing text, is a red flag indicating our own misinterpretation.  Understandings not in agreement with the scriptures as a whole, are invalid. 

As followers, we are called to test all presented information in the light of Scripture.  If the tested information is in agreement with Scripture, we must accept for ourselves the message as from God.  After testing, if we choose to not accept what we read, then we have still made a choice.  The follower then must ask themselves what informational source supercedes what is written in the Bible.

Please take the time to download, or study online our end time study and decide in the light of scripture what God's plan will be for the resurrection of His Saints.

In Christ,
Wade Young 




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